Štítky: široký skladacie stoličky, silla hráč kovov, herné lehátko, offic tabuľka, úrad práce, ergonomické stoličky, spálňa furnitur, moderné kreslo, american bar stoličky nábytok, jeep cherokee tps, home decor.

€425.29 €886.03
  • Skladom
  • w19708

  • Druh: Kancelársky Nábytok
  • Je Otočná: Áno
  • Zložené: Áno
  • S Valčekmi: Áno
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Číslo Modelu: M999
  • Štýl: Otočné Stoličky
  • Materiál: Syntetická Koža
  • Zábradlím: Áno
  • Veľkosť: 123*63
  • Výška Operadla: <125 mm->800mm
  • Špecifické Použitie: Kancelárske Stoličky
  • Názov Značky: CISÁR TÁBOR
  • Všeobecné Použitie: Obchodný Nábytok

Ksufka Emko
The chair was brought to the point of self-delivery about which I was informed in advance and it's good. Feedback from the seller is excellent, mutual understanding at altitude. The quality of the chair pleased me. HANDLES hold on the metal plate from the bottom of the chair, and on it is already a metal pipe, in short, the design should not fall apart. In general, I advise the chair to buy.
Rey Cristian 123
Quality bomb, without jambs, everything is OK.
The chair is excellent, it came packed in a box and with a bag from AliExpress. The chair itself is quite comfortable and quality, moderately tough, its money is definitely worth it. As I realized, they sent from the city of уссурийска, Primorsky territory by the transport company DPD, not from China. Ordered on November 25, 2020, but the item itself was only shipped on December 4, 2020. And arrived in RND on 29 December 2020. To the point of self-delivery. In general, for 25 days the chair arrived at the destination :) When unpacking, 2 unpleasant little things were found, which I will tell and complement the review at the end of an open dispute... The Assembly of the chair did not cause any difficulties. Everything works, turns, turns. I did not find any problems in the technical part of the chair. The seller is sociable, answers questions timely. I was pleased with the purchase. Recommend!
The seller cheated, there was no goods in the warehouse in Russia. Though I promised. Said that the goods were shipped, after fact sent a false track code that is not tracked.

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