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€266.22 €532.45
  • Skladom
  • w1411

  • vagina: 18 cm
  • Pás: 64 cm
  • análny: 15 cm
  • Dĺžka tela: 86 cm
  • Názov Značky: hanidoll
  • Hip: 100 CM
  • Hmotnosť: 26kg
  • ústa: 13 cm
  • Položka Druh: Sex Bábiky
  • So Sexuálnym Podtextom: No
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Materiál: TPE
  • Poprsie: 102cm
  • Nemravný Obrázok: No
  • Číslo Modelu: H1635

Telo dĺžka: 86 cm Hmotnosť: 26kg Poprsie*Pás*Hip: 102*64*100 cm Vaginálne hĺbka: 18 cm Análny hĺbka: 15 cm Ústne hĺbka: 13 cm hmotnosť balenia: 33kg veľkosť balenia: 90*40*30 cm

5 points, this to the seller, sent quickly, it also came that in the photo from the correspondence. I do not recommend buying, definitely. I regret buying. Pros: price, in principle available; Delivery-there is in the warehouse in the Russian Federation, there are no other dolls, only from China; Feeling from the material-the material is pleasant, but of course not the skin as they write in the reviews, with a real person will not confuse in any way. Cons: Weight-almost 30 kilograms. For example, try to carry a bag of cement, according to convenience +-the same. And you need to wash it after each time, otherwise inside it will be "Fauna". Holes-first of them 2. In fact, their 3, but personally for me their 2, in the mouth stupidly does not fit, the hole is small. And inside, nothing special. The absence of hands and feet-like an obvious minus, but somehow did not think. Putting it in a convenient position is not what, you have to go to the design or only in missionary. There are still disadvantages, but Ali does not let you write. Advice-choose either a whole doll or without a head, but with parts of hands \ feet
Nika Mandrik
This is a great first purchase for your first doll. The size and weight are perfect. Great value for the money. Can be difficult to pose because of the shape. But this doll makes a great snuggle companion.

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